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Release Notes
December 21, 2017

Free Edition Now Available! MixCast 1.5.2 Studio & SDK Launched

We're proud to announce the Free Edition of MixCast Studio along with our MixCast 1.5.2 Studio and SDK release. Now you can try out your VR and camera setup with…
Release Notes
December 11, 2017

MixCast 1.5 & MixCast Capture Launched

We're proud to announce the release of MixCast 1.5 featuring MixCast Capture, a new way to make mixed reality content from a huge library of VR titles! Get the latest MixCast…
September 21, 2017

Blueprint Reality Inc. partners with Intel

Blueprint Reality partnered with Intel, to ensure MixCast is optimized for Intel processors, as part of Intel’s ongoing commitment to delivering new and exciting VR technologies. Read the full announcement…
Release Notes
February 22, 2017

MixCast 1.0 Launched!

Blueprint Reality launches MixCast to help showcase your virtual reality! MixCast is a VR broadcast and presentation system that enables VR to be an enhanced, shared, and seamless experience. Read…