The MixCast SDK

Powerful Toolset, Simple Setup

Your experience deserves to be shown in its full glory; don’t settle for the bare minimum in capture and broadcasting capabilities!

With an SDK that takes minutes to integrate, your experience can provide you and your audience with access to MixCast’s full suite of capture and broadcasting tools including:

  • Capturing one or more customizable Virtual or Mixed Reality perspectives from your experience
  • Presenting a perspective back into the headset or onto a desktop monitor
  • Recording a perspective to hard drive as snapshots/video (and then have MixCast transfer/upload them for distribution)
  • Streaming a perspective to Twitch, Facebook Live, Youtube Live, etc

Put MixCast in YOUR VR project Today!

SIMPLE SETUP – After importing the SDK, simply drag and drop the main Prefab/Actor into your scene/map and your application is MixCast-ready!
LOW-TOUCH – MixCast is designed not to interfere with your existing project settings, won’t impact the performance of your experience while not in active use, and comes with a number of handy scripts and prefabs to make your experience look even better in captures & broadcasts.
FREE – Installing, testing, and releasing the MixCast SDK in your application is free, so you can add MixCast support to your experience without worrying about committing to a license!