The MixCast SDK For Developers

Put MixCast in YOUR VR project Today!

Powerful SDK, Simple Setup

MixCast’s SDK has been designed to integrate quickly and easily into your VR application so users, exhibitors, and developers alike can create high-quality mixed reality with your content.

Simply drop the provided MixCast prefabs into your main scene and your application is MixCast-ready! Setup and calibration is already taken care of in MixCast Studio, so starting mixed reality output in your app is as easy for you or your users as a click of the MixCast button.

The MixCast SDK is also the most powerful mixed reality solution available for developers and nearly all aspects of the output can be accessed and modified in-engine. The visual look of the user can be adjusted, augmented, or replaced, allowing for unique mixed reality rendering styles that compliment your content. MixCast also has out-of-the-box support for Virtual Player Lighting, enabling the engine’s virtual lights to affect the user’s image to a convincing degree.

MixCast Objects
FREE – Installing, testing, and releasing the MixCast SDK in your application is free, so you can add MixCast support to your application without spending a cent!
EASY – After importing the package, simply drag and drop the designated prefabs into your main scene and your application is MixCast-ready!
SEAMLESS – MixCast is designed not to interfere with your existing project settings, and comes with a number of handy scripts and prefabs to make your application look even better!