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Operating MixCast

Contains information and resources for all MixCast users, including the MixCast Free Client, MixCast for VR Creators Client, MixCast VR Photobooth, and the MixCast Getting Started guide!

How-To: MixCast Setup Instructions

Developing with MixCast

Contains information and resources for developers integrating MixCast into their Unity or Unreal applications.

MixCast VR Photobooth for VR Arcades

Details regarding the MixCast VR Photobooth product, how to sign up, how to get yourself set up, what to buy, how to market to customers, and some ideas on how to train your staff.

VR Arcade Info

Community Discussion on Discord

Visit our Discord for community discussion, our Knowledgebase, and our FAQ.

Community Discord

Enter a Support Ticket

If you’ve found an issue that you think is a bug, or you are looking for specific setup help,
please visit our Support Ticket area and file a ticket.

As a small team, we can’t promise an immediate response, but a Support Ticket
is the best way to get into the queue.

For your information, we work through our tickets in the following priority order:
Current Paid Customers, New Paid Customers, Current Free Customers,
New Free Customers, Everything Else.

Thanks very much for your patience and assistance in filing a Support Ticket!

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