MixCast Beta Program

The MixCast Beta Program allows access to cutting-edge builds of core MixCast applications and SDKs.

We love to hear your feedback on MixCast, so we invite you to join our Discord and work with us to improve future releases of MixCast!

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MixCast Client for Windows

Version: 2.2.2 (BETA)

Download installer

All versions of MixCast require a license key. If you haven’t done so already, please purchase a license or register for the Free Edition. Beta builds of MixCast have the same licensing and functionality restrictions as regular builds.

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MixCast SDK for Unity

Version: 2.2.2 (BETA)

Download package

Note: It is strongly recommended you do not ship a title with a Beta SDK integrated as backwards and forwards compatibility can not be guaranteed.

Also, please consider signing up for e-mail updates!


MixCast Client - 2.2.2

Arcade Edition Improvements
  • MixCast Cloud has its own status icon displaying session state.
  • SpringboardVR and SynthesisVR clients will manage session state automatically while running in tandem with MixCast.
  • Video Recording is less taxing on the CPU (about 20-40% from testing) and handles dropped frames more gracefully.
  • Resolved Video Recording continuing to use CPU after completion.
  • Fixed regression bug present when video inputs with fractional frame rates are accessed.
  • Fixed OpenVR Driver not accepting communications from the MixCast Service if the Service is closed and reopened while SteamVR is running.
  • Fixed the presence of certain background removal artifacts when using Fixed Depth with a RealSense camera.
Known Issues
  • Settings aren’t reliably being saved when closing the Configuration window on some machines. You can hit CTRL+S while in MixCast Configuration for now to save the current settings explicitly.

MixCast SDK for Unity - 2.2.2

Expanded Rendering Customizability
  • Post-processing and other camera effects can be specified for the scene rendering and/or final compositing passes separately.
Lightweight Render Pipeline Support
  • MixCast supports projects using the Unity Lightweight Render Pipeline (v4.0.0 and up).