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MixCast SDK for Unreal

Version: 2.0.1

Unreal Engine Version:

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The use of the MixCast SDK is governed by the MixCast SDK EULA (also available within the SDK package)


MixCast SDK for Unreal - 2.0.1


Expanded Additive Blending Support

If your experience treats its final render as an additive layer regardless of the values your materials write to the alpha channel (ex: an AR experience), you can now enable the “Force Additive Blending” checkbox in your Project’s MixCast settings to have MixCast blend the digital foreground with the physical scene using additive blending (ignoring alpha) as well.

Expanded Actor Visibility Control

The MixCast SDK for Unreal now provides more control over which actors are rendered to the user’s view and to the MixCast cameras. Since MixCast Cameras can take a number of forms (first-person/third-person, virtual/mixed reality, etc), additional filtering is offered for even more specificity. Check out the documentation page on this feature for more details!

Improvements & Fixes
  • Ensuring compatibility with Unreal 4.23/4.24 and packaging new builds for all versions (4.17-4.24).
  • Improving SDK logic when running both Server and Client in Unreal Editor.

MixCast SDK for Unreal - 2.0.0


Plugin Rebuild
  • Package now requires significantly fewer assets to operate.
  • MixCast can operate when Previewing VR in Editor.
  • MixCast doesn’t take over spectator view.
  • Building for OculusVR supported in addition to SteamVR (without complaining if either plugin missing).
Expanded Rendering Functionality

Unreal SDK now supports capturing from multiple cameras as well as rendering at 1080p+ resolution regardless of monitor dimensions, bringing it in line with the Unity SDK.

MixCast Moments Support

Your experience can now send events to and receive commands from the MixCast Client to power advanced recording functionality and tailor experiences for demonstration or location-based usage. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about MixCast Moments!

Known Issues
  • Unreal 4.19, 4.18, 4.17: MixCast doesn’t support applications in SteamVR mode set to use Eye Level mode.

MixCast SDK for Unreal - 1.X.X


  • Fixed quadrant mode appearing blank when output dimensions set to window size


  • Fixed problem where Oculus sensor calibration affected non-Rift headsets


  • Added compatibility with Unreal 4.20
  • Allowing hidden actors to be set in Details pane
  • Added option to start MixCast only if the command line switch is present


  • Prevent cameras from spawning until MixCast activates
  • Disable environment camera components when MixCast is inactive
  • Use sensor calibration to improve position of tracked objects


MixCast SDK for Unreal now available!