MixCast Beta Program

The MixCast Beta Program allows access to cutting-edge builds of core MixCast applications and SDKs.

These builds are provided as-is and without guarantees of functionality so it is strongly recommended you do not ship a title with a Beta SDK integrated as backwards and forwards compatibility can not be guaranteed.

We love to hear your feedback on MixCast, so we invite you to join our Discord and work with us to improve future releases of MixCast!

All versions of MixCast require a license key. If you haven’t done so already, please purchase a license or register for the Free Edition. Beta builds of MixCast have the same licensing and functionality restrictions as regular builds.


The current public version of MixCast is the latest available. Please check back for future Beta updates!


General - 2.1

Major Improvements

  • New MixCast Virtual Driver takes all the pain out of managing a third controller or virtual driver. The MixCast Virtual Driver works in the background making mixed reality output from more titles even easier!
  • Expanded title support for experiences with non-standard alpha channels like Gorn, VRChat, Belko VR, and many more!
  • Greatly improved performance and compatibility with Direct Window Capture mode, allowing mixed reality output from Tilt Brush, Blocks, and many other titles!
  • New Picture in Picture mode automatically puts your video feed in the corner of the screen for VR experiences that don’t support MixCast mixed reality output, ensuring that no matter what you’re playing, you’re captured!
  • Added support for Blackmagic DeckLink capture cards.
  • Oculus 3rd Controller Support (Experimental) – MixCast can now drive the position of the mixed reality camera in SteamVR non-SDK titles from the position of your 3rd Oculus controller (despite not being recognized by SteamVR!), once it’s been set up as a “Tracked Object” in the Oculus software
  • New UI to provide fast access to a variety of MixCast subsystems as well as information about the status of MixCast


  • New System Window provides detailed information about your copy of MixCast
  • Ability to send a Diagnostic Report directly to Blueprint Reality to help resolve issues
  • Ability to import and export your entire MixCast configuration into a self-contained file for backup and sharing
  • World rotation controls are now accessible in the MixCast Service interface
  • The in-VR display can be toggled in the Service interface and applies to all MixCast experiences
  • First-person display can be toggled in the Service interface and applies to all MixCast experiences


  • Manual Edge Cropping allows setting a manual crop from the edge of the screen
  • Support for sampling depth or RGB separately for more precise control over subject isolation

Unity SDK - 2.1

  • Coming soon!

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