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We’re proud to announce the release of MixCast 1.5 featuring MixCast Capture, a new way to make mixed reality content from a huge library of VR titles! Get the latest MixCast Studio here!

MixCast Capture

  • Capture – a new way to make mixed reality content from a huge library of VR titles! (MixCast SDK not required!)
  • Easy setup with Studio then launch your VR title with Capture to get your mixed reality output
  • In-VR preview window to see your mixed-reality output while playing
  • Supports automatic MixCast Snapshots, custom logos, and many other
  • MixCast features like enhanced background removal, room rotation and tracked cameras

New Features

  • New first-time user experience, guiding you through the first steps of mixed reality setup
  • Enhanced chroma-keying for desaturation of keyed colors allow drastically improved spill prevention
    Automatic MixCast Snapshot feature allows periodic screenshots to be taken at set intervals so you can post pictures of yourself in your favorite VR experience!
  • Set your own logo to be on-screen for streams and arcades!
  • New presentation, branding and splash screen
  • Option to enable MixCast mixed reality view by default when opening an SDK-enabled VR title

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue where certain Clear Flags in Unity 5.6+ break Buffered Mode
  • Quick Setup can now be started on the desktop and canceled if in progress
  • FOV now has an ‘Auto’ option to rely on Quick Setup to derive your camera’s FOV automatically
  • Desktop now switches to first-person mode during Quick Setup for easier view of the process
  • ‘About’ menu provides links to more guides and keyboard shortcuts