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The most common source type for video inputs is the generic Windows camera system (DirectShow), which supplies many pieces of software with a standard method for accessing Webcams, Capture Cards, and more. If you can see your camera device appear as a source in the Windows Camera app, Skype, or Zoom, then it likely supports this approach and is therefore compatible with MixCast!

With such a wide supported device list, we can’t verify them all! We’re tracking the devices that have been confirmed to function by ourselves or our users here, but feel free to determine the results first-hand by trying it out with the MixCast Client (our Free License is offered for just such occasions). We’d love to hear your results at our Discord!

Note: Starting with MixCast 2.4.1, virtual webcams like NVIDIA Broadcast, OBS Virtual Camera, and XSplit VCam are supported and can have their background removal information used within MixCast.