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At this point, your MixCast configuration should be ready to start generating immersive video content, either mixed or virtual. All that’s required now is to launch a compatible experience, which will trigger MixCast to begin capture upon its detection. The Experience icon in the Status Window will change from Grey to Blue signalling the detection of the experience, and with compatible titles, a Desktop Display window will begin displaying your content to be monitored. VR experiences will also show any configured In-VR Viewfinders within the headset.

All configured Cameras can be accessed using the controls at the top of the Desktop Display window – by default the first Camera that can produce output with this experience will be used (Tilt Five, PC VR, etc). Cameras that aren’t compatible will still be available for display and capture, but will only render the physical input.

Now that you’ve gotten to understand the basics around setup and content creation, we’ve broken up the rest of the information about using MixCast into a few sections that go much deeper into the options available to you:

  • Video Inputs – Functionality around the processing of Video Inputs.
  • Capture – Further information about the creation of content including compositing, experiences, tracking systems, and more.
  • Outputs – How to display, record, and share the amazing content that you’re creating.
  • Additional Info – Information that you might need occasionally or doesn’t have a better home.