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MixCast offers unique and powerful functionality when operating with supported depth cameras:

Specifically, using a depth camera allows you to:

  • Remove your physical background from the feed without needing a green-screen
  • Composite (insert) yourself into the scene with more precise depth information

with more functionality on the roadmap! In addition, some of these devices support alignment w/ IMU Orientation, simplifying the configuration for your device even further.


Ensure that your camera is plugged into a USB 3.0 port on your computer. If your computer is a distance greater than 3′ away from the camera’s intended position, you should use an Active Powered USB 3.0 Extension Cable to ensure reliable device connectivity (here’s an example). Check with the camera manufacturer’s guidance on extending the connection as well.

Install drivers/software associated with the depth camera. Be sure to restart the computer after installing new software. Not installing this software could cause MixCast not to fully recognize the camera and will make troubleshooting more difficult.

  • RealSense: the link is on this page and is titled “Download for Windows 10”
  • Azure Kinect: the link will be on this page under MSIs; choose the latest link titled “Azure Kinect SDK x.x.x.msi”
  • ZED: the link is on this page and is titled “Download SDK”

Test that your hardware setup is functioning fully by running the camera manufacturer’s software (Intel RealSense Viewer/Azure Kinect Viewer/ZED Explorer) and ensuring that both the color and depth streams are accessible. At this point, you should now be able to launch MixCast and access the device there!