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For users that are running MixCast with a VR headset, it’s only natural to be able to display the immersive content you’re creating within that headset as well. To help you get an understanding of the situation, MixCast gives you the ability to display one or more ‘Viewfinders’ in VR.

By default, every VR-based Virtual Camera is configured with a Viewfinder. You can add, remove, or modify Viewfinders in the Preferences Window.


MixCast also now offers the ability to display one of your desktop monitors as a viewfinder in VR. This is a simple yet powerful enhancement as it allows you to receive external feedback while remaining in VR.

This functionality is especially effective in the scenario where you’re presenting your immersive video over Zoom or another video chat program as it allows you to see the other participants on the call without taking off your headset. It’s also helpful when streaming online to a service with comments or chat that you’d like to monitor.


If you want to temporarily disable the display of all Viewfinders in the headset at once, you can do so from the Display menu in the Status Window.