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When working with MixCast to create a more tailored content creation process (contact us for details!), you’ll likely need to supply the MixCast client with additional information about what’s occurring in your experience. The MixCast SDK provides a simple, one-step interface for both Blueprints and C++ to send an “Experience Event” from your title to the MixCast Client for processing. Firing these events has virtually no performance impact, and can be done without concern for the current status of the user’s MixCast system (such as checking for the MixCast Client’s presence).


This example sends a simple event with no additional information aside from a unique Event ID of your choice.

This example sends an event with an argument: the amount of damage taken.


Call the following function:

void UMixCastBPFunctionLibrary::SendExperienceEvent(FString eventstr)

If the event has no arguments, the eventStr is just a unique Event ID of your choice. If this event has arguments, the eventStr should have the format: eventId(arg1Val,arg2Val,arg3Val).

Note that no matter how you’re sending your events, you won’t see anything happen at runtime until you’re running MixCast as well, and we’ve worked with you on your MixCast Moment sequencing logic (contact us for more info!).