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Technical Requirements

Note: The MixCast SDK for Unity is designed for certain Unity project configurations, but should generally still compile when the project is set to build for another configuration. Please let us know on if this isn’t the case for your project on our Discord!

MixCast will be fully functional under the following scenrios (all lines must be true):

  • Unity version: 5.4.0 or greater
  • Build target: Windows platform x86_64 – Editor or Standalone
  • Graphics API:
    • DirectX 11
    • DirectX 12
  • Render Pipeline:
    • Default
    • LWRP/URP (v6.9+)
    • HDRP (v12.1+) (supported in MixCast 2.5.0+)
  • Scripting Backend:
    • Mono
    • IL2CPP (supported in MixCast 2.5.0+)
  • Api Compatibility Level:
    • Not ‘.Net 2.0 Subset’
  • One or more of the following platforms/SDKs in use:
    • SteamVR
    • Oculus
    • OpenXR
    • Tilt Five (supported in MixCast 2.5.0+)
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