There is a scenario where tracking interference is known to occur: you are using a SteamVR-tracked headset and an Intel RealSense or an Azure Kinect together. This is due to the Infrared light that the Depth camera projects into the scene interfering with SteamVR 2.0 tracking. The Azure Kinect unfortunately requires this IR projection and so you'll need to find either another camera or another VR headset to use with MixCast.

For the Intel RealSense, MixCast has exposed the RealSense option to disable the Infrared Emitter to work around this. To do so:

  1. Select Configure MixCast from the gear icon's menu
  2. Open the Camera Settings menu from the top right button
  3. Scroll down in the Input Device section to the section titled Depth
  4. Uncheck the option titled Supply Infrared Light
  5. (Recommended) Check the option titled Manage Infrared Exposure Automatically

You should no longer experience tracking interference in your headset. Note that you may need to recalibrate Fixed Depth in WildKey afterward if using that option.


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