MixCast supports video input from a few sources:

  • DirectShow-compatible devices (for an idea, these appear in Skype, etc as inputs) which include a range of webcams and capture cards. Capture cards can be either external (connected through USB) or internal (through a PCI-e slot), and would allow you to connect a higher-quality HDMI-capable DSLR, Camcorder, etc. Some DSLR cameras can appear as webcams when connected over USB - Read more on using DSLRs with MixCast here.
  • Intel RealSense D4xx depth cameras
  • Azure Kinect DK depth camera
  • Stereolabs ZED cameras (ZED, ZED Mini, ZED 2, ZED 2i)

You can find a more detailed list of results from testing and community feedback on this page, although if your camera isn't on the list it may still work with MixCast! Try asking our Community if your camera isn't listed!

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